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The story of South Florida Bee Supplies began a few years ago, when our family ventured into the art of beekeeping.  Our love of nature, and passion for bees made our beekeeping adventure a rounding success and, for the last few years, our hives have successfully grown in size and numbers.

After several years of success in this field, we realized that purchasing beekeeping related supplies from manufacturers  and suppliers throughout the United States was time consuming and expensive.  Thus, we started making our own hive boxes, and other beekeeping related items.  Suddenly, we came to the realization that what Florida Beekeepers  desperately needed was a local company that manufactured Beekeeping products locally.  Why wait for items to be shipped from around the country, when there could be a local manufacturer making top of the line products nearby?  Thus, the idea of South Florida Bee Supplies was born.

After thorough research and trials, and guidance from some of the top beekeepers in the country, and locally, we  decided to put forth in motion an idea that had begun over three years ago.  South Florida Bee Supplies was officially opened in January 2013.

Our company is dedicated to providing top quality beekeeping products, together with top quality service, to all beekeepers locally, and nationally.  Among the products available, we have specialized in making top quality bee hive boxes.  These are made in the premises and available to our customers in different sizes and models.  

South Florida Bee Supplies offers our customers, not only the ease of ordering from a local top quality manufacturer, but also being able to come by our factory and see our operation.
Through our hard work and diligence, we are committed to continue the growth of the Honey Bee industry.  Our family continues to enthusiastically work and research in this expanding industry.  And this is reflected in our superior work product.  Our daughter has even learned how to extract honey from our own hives.

The New Year has brought a new Company to the Beekeeping community.  We hope we can be of service in the near future and wish you well in your beekeeping.

Don’t forget to come by and taste some of local Raw Honey.

South Florida Bee Supplies.