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Hobby Hive Kit- Deep

Item #: Kit-003
This Complete Hobby Hive Kit includes1- 10 Frame Hive is fully assembled, Telescoping Metal Cover & Inner Cover, Deep 9 5/8" Hive Body, Medium 6 5/8" Honey Super, 10 Deep Wooden Frames & 10 Medium Wooden Frames that have been glued & stapled with plastic foundation that has already been coated in beeswax, Metal Queen Excluder, Solid Bottom Board, Entrance Reducer displaying both Winter and Summer entry ways, "Stop the Sting" ointment, Bee Brush, Standard Stainless Steel Hive Tool and Stainless Steel Smoker, beginner beekeeper literature. Hive Stand sold separately please refer to "Hive Stand" Category. Protective gear is sold separately and highly recommended. 
_PRICE: $190.00