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Florida Backyard Beekeepers Association Spring 2017 Classes hosted by South Florida Bee Supplies Saturday Feb 11th Saturday March 25th Saturday April 22nd
Tropical Beekeepers Association Servicing South Florida Date & Time: 2nd Tuesday Monthly at 7pm Location: Redland Community Church in Homestead, Florida
National Honey Bee Day Date: Saturday August 17th, 2017 Location: TBA
Date: Second Tuesday of every month Location: Reland Community Church 14601 SW 248 Street Homestead, Florida 33032 Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Florida Backyard Beekeepers Association is a non-profit organization to promote the health of our much needed honey bees. Due to a dramatic increase in Backyard Beekeepers this group will be a source of educational information to assist all of your beekeeping needs. Join today and stay current on news, research, educational meetings and classes etc...
*Adult invasion into colonies *Population build-up of small hive beetles *reproduction of small hive beetles *significant damage to brood, pollen, and honey stores by feeding small beetle larvae *mass exodus of larvae from the colony *pupation in the soil *Emergence as adults and subseuent re-infestation of…
*Instead of compact, brood pattern will appear irregular *Cappings may become concave and some might be punctured by bees attempting to remove dead larvae *Larvae up to 3 days old become infected by ingesting spores that are present in their food *Surface of…
*May cause Bees to fly a short distance or not fly at all *Visible feces on the combs, bottoms boards and the exterior walls of the hive *Wings may be in abnormal positions and angles *Swollen abdomen *Trembling,shaking or restless colony *Crawling Bees by entrance…
*Watch for Bees discarding larvae and pupae from the hive *Infested capped drone brood *Adult Bees that are disfigured with deformed legs or deformed wings *Has a spotty brood pattern throughout the comb *Typically pale or dark reddish brown spots on the white pupae…


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